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. it's led the ceo of e- health to write a letter to president obama, offering to fix it for free. some say the website's registration process, changed at the last minute couldn't handle the volume of applicants when the website launched october 1st. tech experts have been brought in, but it hasn't satsified healthcare reform's critics. for the record, we logged onto healthcare-dot-gov. and within a minute and a half, two health insurance brokers called to assist...apparently alerted once we had entered our phone number. the better business bureau is out with a warning about "fake" affordable care act websites. it may be tricky to tell the difference but the phony sites are out for personal information-- such as social security and bank acount numbers. the bbb warns do not give out any information unless you are certain you are on the official site: healthcare.gov. to avoid trouble: the bbb says don't google for the site go directly to www. healthcare.gov. ignore unsolicited phone calls or emails banks are becoming weary of outsourcing. regulators warned this week that banks are taking
the fix is in. the obama administration sets a deadline to get the obamacare website working again. in our cover story today.... a retailer synonymous with luxury, is accused of racial profiling. plus...we'll hear the analyst who predicts we're headed into a new era of low gas prices. and.... a critical few days ahead for tech. what one trader is seeing in the charts, that he likes. that's all ahead on today's first business! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's monday the 28th of october and i'm bill moller. angela miles is off today. in today's first look: analysts expect the technology run, should run on. the pace was set last week by amazon and microsoft. the baton is passed this week to apple and linkedin. the markets open this morning with a lot of positive energy. the dow starts trading about 120 points from its all time high. a 13 year high for the nasdac and that there is a record high for the s&p 500. for 2 weeks straight, gold closed higher. energy stocks were up friday though they posted a loss for t
boehner continues to call for a delay in the affordable care act. aids to president obama say republicans are determined to kill the new law- rather than finding health care solutions for millions of uninsured americans. home prices shot up sharply in big cities during the past year. case shiller reports- home prices in twenty large markets rose 12.8% - the fast pace since 2006. las vegas home prices moved up the quickest at 29%. despite the gains other indicators point to a cooling in the housing market. a dutch bank will pay $1 billion dollars to bring its libor maniulation scandal to an end.. employees working at rabobank were accused by u.s. and british authorities of rigging the london interbank offered rate. the rates were used as the bank was lending millions of dollars for mortgages, car loans, student loans and complex financial derivatives. wal-mart plans to promote about 25-thousand store employees. the nation's largest retailer has faced criticism over worker pay and opportunity. the promotions will reportedly take place in 15 markets before the end january. as it continue
president obama launches a plan to attract investors from abroad. in today's cover story..... why the public sector is going on a hiring spree.... and... how to sidestep some of the biggest holiday travel traps... plus.... in traders unplugged-- the guys tell us whether investing in digital money is worth the risk. first business starts now! good morning! it's friday, november 1st. in today's first look: stocks continue to drop. for the second session in a row the market fell. yesterday, the dow lost 73 points, the nasdaq 11, s&p 6. gold tumbled 27 dollars and oil 53 cents. still it was outstanding october. the s&p rallied 4.5% the nasdaq up 3.9% and dow up 2.8% amoung earning after the close-- aig and first solar. aig shares fell 3% on earnings that topped estimates but the sales number fell shy of estimates. first solar-- doubled profits and raised its outlook that stock shot up 7% as we wrap up the week, lincoln ellis of green square captial joins us now from the floora semigroup to talk about today's market action a hand what is your outlook for november? > well november will
. walmart has worked in the past wtih first lady michelle obama to encourage americans to eat healthy on a food-stamp budget. shares of the container store nearly doubled on the first day of trading. shares priced above range at $18 late thursday and jumped to $36 at the open of friday's trade. the retailer raised $225 million in its ipo. the container store sells shelving, filing cabinets, storage bins, and other products to organize homes and businesses. it has no direct competitors other than discount chains such as walmart. shares of the container store closed at $36.22 more questions are being asked by federal regulators about trading and hiring practices at jp morgan chase. the u.s. department of justice along with other agencies are investigating the banks hiring in hong kong. the firm is also admits-- it's facing a probe into currency trading, possible manipulation of foreign exchange rates and it's connection to the bernie maddoff ponzi scheme. the investigations are in the early stages. jp morgan officials are cooperating with authorities. auto sales revved up in october. s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5